Developer Teases Cydia Version Compatible with Jailbreak iOS 12

Many jailbreak users are looking forward to the release of an iOS 12 jailbreak. The community was a bit sleepy at first but many developers seem to have kicked in high gear, with several announcements being released in the recent weeks.

A well-known jailbreak developer has provided a tease that brought hope to the hearts of many jailbreak lovers. In a short video we are able to see a Cydia version running on what appears to be iOS 12. The developer has noted that the app is stable but only the basic features are available at this point, with the team currently focused on improving the functionality and overall stability of the app.

Another member of the developer team wrote in a Tweet that Cydia seems to be working well under iOS 12. In a post on a popular discussion platform the same person confirmed that the only the team has access to the build at this point. There are some major issues that need to be addressed, including CoreTrust workarounds and the addition of stable sandbox patches

A public jailbreak is still far away

The community is buzzing with rumors but we are still far away from a stable jailbreak solution that can be used the general public.

The Rootless JB tool for iOS 12 has been released but the Jake James, the developer, has declared that the jailbreak is aimed at developers, advising casual users to avoid the release at this point. The jailbreak is compatible with A9 to A11 processors, running on the iPhone 6S and up to the iconic iPhone X. The latest models aren’t compatible at this point, since they sport the A12 Bionic chip. James has also mentioned that the jailbreak is unable to tweak sandboxed apps at this point.

While other developers teased a stable iOS 12 jailbreak in the past they failed to materialize in the long run. It is likely that a stable release will appear in the following months.

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