Pokémon Go: Everything You Need to Know About the February Community Day

The upcoming February Community Day is on its way, taking place on Saturday, the 16th of February, so here’s everything you need to know about this event.

Niantic is hosting the Community Day on Saturday

Just like before, players around the globe will be able to catch rare Pokémon and earn some pretty great in-game bonuses during the expected three-hour window of the event. This type of event usually lasts for just three hours, however, each event is different from one month to another, so we don’t know yet whether the February Community Day will last for more than this or not.

When should we expect the event?

The time when the event takes place depends on the region you’re in, but no matter where you are located in the world, the length of the event will be the same for everyone. Below you can find the schedule for each region of the world.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

10 am – 1 pm UTC

The Americas and Greenland

11 am – 2 pm PT

2 pm – 5 pm ET


12 pm – 3 pm JST (17th of February)

What bonuses are there and what is the featured Pokémon?

The featured Pokémon for the February Community Day is Swinub, which was first introduced in Gold and Silver. Throughout the event, this monster will spawn more frequently than it usually does. Also, players will be able to find its Shiny form as well, if they are lucky enough. If a player will be able to transform the creature into its final form, Mamoswine, then the Pokémon will know how to perform the Ancient Power attack for up to one hour after the event has ended.

During the February Community Day, players will also have the possibility to earn up to five more Sinnoh Stones from Trainer Battles.

Another thing that gamers will get this month is triple the normal amount of Stardust for catching Pokémon. In addition, any Lure modules that players will use will stay active for three more hours, compared to the usual 30 minutes.

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