Fortnite Patch v7.40: What Are the New Changes in the Game’s Main Mode

A new Fortnite patch, version 7.40, has arrived and it brings some new changes to the default battle royale mode of the game. Let’s take a look at what kind of changes we should expect.

Increased harvest rate

One of the new changes is the increase of the harvest rate by 40 percent, which will encourage players to be more aggressive. Because of the new patch, players will be able to spend less time farming, therefore they will have more time for action.

Less material allowed to be carried by players

Another change applies to the material that players can carry in the game. The material cap is going down to 500 from 999, which means that a player can now carry just 500 of each material.

An elimination of another player will get you 50 health

We all know that fights that are more difficult usually feel punishing for players, as they need to spend quite important healing items in order to recover after the fight. The biggest change that comes with the patch v7.40 is that players will now be able to get health back with each kill they make, which means that fighting will become much more rewarding than before. Every time a player eliminates another one, they will gain 50 health, shields or a combination of both.

Players will gain 50 of each material drop after eliminations

Similar to the health change, this particular change will bring rewards to the players who engage with their enemies. Players will now receive 50 of each material drop after each elimination.

Keep in mind that all these changes come with the patch v7.40, but this doesn’t mean that they will stay for good in the game. Epic Games will keep an eye on how the fans respond to the new changes. The feedback from the players will help the developer decide whether the new rules are received well by them or not and if they should be kept.

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