Clash of Clans: Essential Tips and Tricks to Dominate!

Clash of Clans has been around for a good couple of years now and players have used this time to get better at the game. Since Clash of Clans was released back in 2012, the game’s developer has introduced lots of features until then and this makes the learning curve for new players quite steep. This is where we come in. We have rounded up the most useful tips and tricks that new Clash of Clans players need to learn if they want to improve their game and be on the same level as veteran players.

  • Easy Pickings

As previously mentioned, the game has been out for a while and there are many players who have quit along the years. Therefore, our first tip for new Clash of Clans players is to try and look for inactive players. Their bases are “easy pickings” and attacking them is an easy way to get resources. The best way to find inactive players is to search for villages that don’t have a “League Assignment”.

  • Take Advantage of the Shield

One of the biggest surprises that new Clash of Clans players have when they are being attacked for the first time is that the game gives them a free shield. This shield lasts for 12 hours and it can be used when the village is 40% destroyed. We think it’s safe to say that 12 hours is more than enough to regroup troops and to set up a new defensive strategy.

  • Attack at the Right Time

Every Clash of Clans player can spy and analyze their attacker’s village. This makes it easy for players to take revenge on their attacks and our advice for new Clash of Clans players is to pick the right time when to attack. It’s better to analyze the attacker’s village and go to the offensive when he or she has loaded up a bunch of resources.

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