OnePlus 5G Handset Might Be Unveiled During the MWC, But It’s Not the OnePlus 7

The Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus has recently confirmed that it will bring a 5G-powered device to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) that takes place at the end of this month. The handset will be apparently different than the upcoming OnePlus 7, which might be announced much later this year, maybe at the end of Q2.

5G-capable OnePlus smartphone to be presented at the MWC 2019

OnePlus has given some statements to the press which mention that those who will attend the Mobile World Congress will have the opportunity to see for themselves a 5G prototype developed by the company. Fans will have the chance to check out the new hardware, but also to experience 5G data speeds and the capabilities of 5G gaming, which is great.

The company also mentioned that the device that will be showcased during the event will be on display at Qualcomm’s booth.

Keep in mind that the 5G device will be different than the standard OnePlus 7, which will be unveiled at a later time in 2019.

5G version of OnePlus could cost $300 more than the standard 4G version

OnePlus will be one of the first 5G-powered devices to be released on the market, so we cannot wait to learn more about it. The anticipated handset will not be that cheap, though, as the new technology is believed to add as much as $300 to the usual price of the unlocked smartphone. So consumers who are really serious about purchasing one such device should already start saving up for it.

This is what the OnePlus director of global brand partnerships, Eric Glass said in a statement back in October 2018, “The forecast from Pete is between $200 and $300 higher for the 5G device – not necessarily a problem for our users because it’s what they’re after”.

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