Google Play Store for Android TV 13.3.17 APK Update is Now Available

If you have an Android TV in your living room, then we have some great news for you. Google decided that it wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way and it released a new software update for the Android TV version of the Google Play Store. Android fans can think of this new update as Google’s gift for Valentine’s Day. Nonetheless, today we are going to check out what “goodies” the new update brings.

Google Play Store for Android TV 13.3.17 APK

The new update for Android TV changes the build number of Google Play Store to 13.3.17. This is an important update that focuses on improving the already smooth performances that the Google Play Store has to offer. With that said, all Android TV users who love to download apps such as Netflix on their smart TVs should make it a top priority to download the latest update. However, there is a catch to installing this latest update.

Android Package Kit

As all Android fans already know by now, Google doesn’t release its updates OTA (over the air) during their first two weeks. These new updates can only be downloaded manually from Google’s official website and the trick to installing them is that Android users need to head over to their smartphones or smart TVs in this case and then enable the “Unknown Sources” option. After doing this, Android users need to manually download the update from Google’s official APK website.

Expected OTA Release

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have an exact OTA release date for this update. However, we think that Google is going to take at least two weeks before it rolls out this update to all Android smart TVs because the Android parent wants to make sure that the new 13.3.17 APK doesn’t introduce any bugs.

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