Google Play Store 13.5.8 APK – Get It While It’s Fresh

Ask any Android fan what is the feature that they love the most about their smartphone and most of them will respond with the Google Play Store. The reason why the Google Play Store is such a fan favorite Android native feature is because it gives people access to thousands upon thousands of apps and games that they can download on their Android powered smartphones. This shows us just how important the Google Play Store is to the premium user experience that Android smartphones offer.

Considering that the Google Play Store is used by all Android user to download apps or games and to automatically update other third-party apps, Google is always releasing new APK updates for Google Play Store. The Android parent wants to make sure that the Google Play Store is always running without any issues and all the latest APK updates introduce bug fixes and software tweaks. In fact, a brand-new APK update for Google Play Store has recently arrived.

Google Play Store 13.5.8 APK

The newest update for Google Play Store sports the 13.5.8 version number and it’s available in the form of APK. This update format stands for “Android Package Kit” and what makes it different than any other updates is that all interested Android fans need to head over to Google’s official website and download it themselves.

On the other hand, Google knows that the large majority of Android fans don’t like having to manually download and install updates on their smartphones and therefore, Google is going to roll out the update OTA (over the air) to everyone. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact date when that will happen and it can take up to two weeks.

Nonetheless, this is a high priority update for all Android fans because it comes with a bunch of bug fixes that take Google Play Store’s performances to the next level.

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