The Latest Google Play Services 15.0.90 APK Update Keeps Your Private Data Safe!

Google Play Services is a staple Android service and its main purpose is to make sure that all third-party and native Android apps are always updated with the latest patches. However, there are lots of other things that this background app does such as storing private information like user IDs and passwords or bank accounts for example. Therefore, the Android parent needs to make sure that Google Play Services is updated with all the latest bug fixes and security patches because it deals with valuable information which needs to be kept safe.

Google Play Services 15.0.90 APK

If there is one thing that all Android fans love about Google, then it has to be the rate at which the Android parent keeps releasing APK updates. In fact, the reason why Google Play Services is making headlines today is because Google has just released a brand-new update for it.

The latest update for Google Play Services sports the 15.0.90 version number and it has been released today (February 11). With that being said, we advise all Android fans who are comfortable with installing APK updates to make sure to get the new update ASAP (as soon as possible).

Android Package Kit Updates

For those who are unfamiliar with APK updates, the trick to installing them is that all Android users need to get them manually from Google’s official APK website, or any other reliable APK providers. Not only that, but Android users also required to head over to their smartphone’s “Settings” page and then to enable the “Unknown Sources” option because obviously, APK updates are not released via the Google Play Store.


This new APK update for Google Play Services is a high priority download for all Android users who want to make sure that their private information is kept safe at all times. We should also note that Google is eventually going to release the update over the air to the general public, but it might take a while before this happens.

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