iOS 13 Features and Improved Smart Camera

iOS 13 is currently in the making, and Apple may add some new and exciting features. Below you can find a list of several possible additions that could make the popular operating system even better

Improved smart camera

Google Pixel 3 can take some impressive pictures in the dark, thanks to a smart feature called Night Sight. If we were to compare the photos taken by Pixel 3 and the iPhone XS in a dark area, the former would certainly provide better images, making the iPhone look like an old device.

Unlocking the camera by rapidly pressing the Lock buttons two times would be nice, allowing users to take a shot faster when they spot an object of interest.

A GIF maker

Those that wish to convert their Live Photos into GIFs are forced to pay up to $10 per month or sacrifice the quality to use a free service. A dedicated GIF maker would be lovely.

Redesigned Control Center

The Control Center is a handy feature, but some of its traits are a bit odd.  It allows users to enable or disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but if you wish to connect to a specific network or device, you will have to open the Settings app to do it. Adding some pop-up lists, like the one that appears on most Android devices, shouldn’t be that hard.

Dedicated AirPods app

The AirPods are quite nice, but most of the relevant settings are hidden deep within the Settings app. A dedicated app would simplify the process and improve the overall experience of the user.

A fully-fledged version of Safari

While Safari is a great browser, it does have some limitations. Since the iPad can handle Adobe Photoshop, a fully-fledged version of Safari would dramatically enhance the navigation experience.  Or at least add the full versions of Mozilla and Chrome on the App Store.

It is likely that the new version of iOS will arrive in September.

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