UC Browser: Is Alibaba Able To Keep Your Personal Data Safe?

The UC Browser is quite controversial, and we have been hearing a lot of things about it. The browser first appeared back in 2004, and it is quite different from all the options we have on the market at the moment. This is exactly what attracts so many users, and, in terms of usage, the UC Browser is one of the most popular ones in the world.

However, privacy represents one of the main concerns of this century. Therefore, one question remains: is the UC Browser able to keep your data safe?

Security and privacy

Multiple sources indicate that the UC Browser can be quite unsafe. The sources include university and multiple security firms, which is quite worrisome. The browser appears to have many issues, such as the use of outdated SSL protocols, as well as cryptography.

More than that, there are reasons to believe that this browser leaks data. The University of Toronto had several concerns related to this. This is not all either. Google removed the UC Browser from the Play Store a couple of years ago, because it violated one of their policies.


While privacy is not its strong point, the UC Browser, does come with a couple of advantages. For example, it has a good speed. Frequently used pages will be loaded faster, and the browser uses data compression in order to reduce the data’s size and increase the browsing speed.

When it comes to downloads, many users consider the UC Browser one of the best browser alternatives. Multiple downloads are allowed at the same time and users can choose to pause and resume their downloads. In terms of speed, we couldn’t exactly say that the downloading process is faster on the UC Browser, although users appear to love it.

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