Google Play Services 15.0.90 APK is Now Available

The Google Play Services is one of the most important components of Google’s Android operating system. What’s interesting about Google Play Services is that despite being so important, most Android fans have no idea what this service does on their smartphones. Well, today we are going to clear this issue for all Android fans and present the latest update for Google Play Services that arrived today.

What Makes the Google Play Services So Important?

We previously mentioned that Google Play Services is one of the most important components of Google’s operating system. Well, the reason behind this is that the Google Play Services is used to automatically update apps and games directly from the Google Play Store without ever disturbing the user.

Another vital role that Google Play Services plays in the Android ecosystem is that it automatically synchronizes contacts, email addresses, passwords and all other types of private information. This is why Google puts such a high price on this service and it keeps updating it every week.

Google Play Services 15.0.90 APK

Since Google Play Services is so important, the Android parent is making sure to update it every week. These updates don’t introduce any new features or graphic changes and instead, they focus on improving the service’s performances through bug fixes and software tweaks. With that said, all Android fans who want to make sure that their smartphones are running without any issues should get the new Google Play Services APK update ASAP.

Since this is an APK update that we are talking about, we have to let all Android fans know that the update is not going to roll out OTA (over the air) anytime soon. APK updates need to manually downloaded and installed from Google’s official APK website.

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