Facebook Messenger Lite – New Beta APK

Facebook is the world’s biggest software companies and one of the ways that it managed to achieve this is by catering to all markets. We all know about Facebook, the biggest social media platform, but what makes Facebook special is the fact that it can be installed on all types of smartphones. The developers of Facebook have created a Lite version of the app which doesn’t require that much powerful hardware specs or mobile data either.

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is designed for entry-level smartphones and the most impressive thing about it is that just like its name implies, Facebook Lite is small in size. The app can be installed in a couple of seconds and it measures in at only a couple of MB. To make things even better, Facebook Lite’s software has been optimized to lower the amount of mobile data the app needs in order to load the newsfeed and media files such as videos and images.

Messenger Lite

What’s great about Facebook Lite is that it ships with a Lite version of the standalone Messenger app as well. Messenger Lite is less than 10MB to download and it offers the same features as the original version of Facebook Messenger. Nonetheless, the reason why Messenger Lite is making headlines today is because the chatting app has just been updated.

New Beta APK

The latest APK update for Messenger Lite sports the Beta version number and it is available in the form of APK. This means that the update can only be installed on Android powered smartphones and that all interested Messenger Lite users are required to manually download and install the APK update on their smartphones. The last thing that we want to note about Messenger Lite’s update is that it requires a minimum of Android 2.3 Gingerbread in order to run.

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