Sony PlayStation 5 Latest Modern Gaming Equipment Leaks

Passionate gamers know that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has had its glorious times. Unfortunately, we are living in days when things change really fast and most of the times we don’t have the necessary time for being nostalgic.

The tech and gaming area are domains where there is always room for improvement. This means that the development of new technology leads to the creation of stunning equipment compatible with modern gadgets.

Since Sony’s PlayStation 4 is considered to be outdated, all eyes are set on the upcoming piece from the same glorious ”family” – the PlayStation 5. Some speculations claim that, in the future, consoles might be replaced by game streaming services.

In this context, PlayStation fans are getting more and more anxious to get their hands on the 5th generation of Sony’s consoles. Developers don’t seem willing to share any details, but recent rumours might be revealing a part of PlayStation 5’s features.

The new gaming equipment will surprise its users with amazing specs and modern additions

First of all, it’s important to mention that PlayStation 5 will come with next-generation hardware. On the other hand, its design won’t be much different than PS4’s. The new console might feature a GPU built upon AMD’s future Navi architecture.

In this case, we should expect it to have an AMD Ryzen processor. Also, the PlayStation 5 will carry a custom-made 8-core Zen CPU. This means that it comes with amazing possibilities and will create a unique gaming experience for all users.

In addition, the new console will feature improved VR support and will bring awesome games like Cyberpunk 2077, Gran Tourismo Sport and Sony’s Death Stranding. Another cool feature is that PS5 might be backward compatible with previously released games, so fans could enjoy the wonders of older PlayStation systems.

So far, no information was confirmed. We cannot even anticipate a potential release date for PlayStation 5. Some voices say that we could see it by 2020, while others claim that the equipment won’t hit the market until 2021.

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