Samsung A90 Pop-up Selfies Camera Makes an Appearance

A new trend is gaining traction as the number of devices with pop-up cameras has continued to grow constantly.

It seems that Samsung is looking forward to joining the trend as a reliable source claims that the Samsung A90 will sport a pop-up camera.  The Korean company has premiered major changes on the A-series, including the triple and quad-camera setups that should make an appearance on the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S10 line that will be released later this month.

10 years have passed since Samsung unleashed its first flagship upon the world and the company plans to mark the event with the release of flagship device that will bring a selection of interesting additions. It is expected that at least one of the new devices will be compatible with the new 5G standard. While 5G is only available in a few regions at this point it is thought that the adoption rate will grow exponentially when compatible smartphones will become popular.

A high-quality ultrasonic sensor will keep the device safe, offering a security level that superior in comparison to the present capabilities of optical fingerprint sensors. The latest leaks are also suggesting that Samsung will push the maximum amount of storage space to the limits as the company is working on a 1TB storage chip.

The idea of a pop-up camera seems great at first but there a few downsides that could ruin the experience in the long run. If the pop-up mechanism isn’t crafted well it is likely that it will break at some point, rendering the selfies camera useless until a repair is made. Another issue is posed the fact that the camera will vulnerable to shocks. If you drop the device and it falls with the camera exposed the consequences could be quite expensive.

The internet is filled with rumors and the information changes from one day to another. An official announcement should arrive in the following days.

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