Battlefield 5: The Squad Conquest Available for Two More Weeks

Because fans requested this quite a lot, the Squad Conquest multiplayer game type of Battlefield 5 will still be available for two more weeks. This means that the match will last until 13th of February, even though it was initially scheduled to end on the 30th of January.

The end date of the game was delayed thanks to the community’s feedback

As you know, the match was first introduced on the 17th of January. Due to the fact that the community had a great response to it during the last two weeks and requested the developer to prolong the match, its end date got delayed. The developer listened to the fans and decided to keep it for a little bit longer.

What is Squad Conquest

The first time when the Squad Conquest was introduced, one of the players was supposed to have a bigger impact on the match. Also, the vehicle access was more limited than in other modes.

The Squad Conquest features two teams of eight players, where every team is comprised of four players, and it is the smaller version of the 64-player Conquest match. The way it works is that the units need to fight in order to control three flags on small versions of the Hamada, Rotterdam and Arras maps. So basically the main goal here is to control these flags until the other team will be left without any respawns.

We will also see soon the latest Weekly Challenge of the game, which is called Hold the Line. This is a schedule of tasks that give players XP, and it will also allow them to have access to some other in-game rewards.

Players of Battlefield 5 are still waiting for the battle royale playlist, “Firestorm”. We expect to see it in March, when it will launch with the “Trial By Fire” third chapter of Tides of War.

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