A Budget Variant of Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Been Leaked

It has been reported that Samsung is working on the budget version of its upcoming Galaxy S10, and now we have the chance to take a closer look at this device. In a series of pictures, published yesterday by WinFuture, we can see the smartphone expected to be called Galaxy S10E with its 5.8-inch display, dual cameras, thicker bezels and a smaller battery.

Lower-end Galaxy S10 will resemble iPhone XR

According to various reports, the budget version of Samsung Galaxy S10 will cost around $859. Although for many users it is not really “low cost”, this phone still belongs to the same bracket as iPhone XR, whose price starts at $749. It is worth mentioning that both devices share many similarities: they are cheaper versions of flagship phones that look almost exactly the same as their higher-end variants, except for some small technical and visual downgrades.

Differences in the design of Galaxy S10E

One area that will separate Galaxy S10E from the rest of the S10 line is the screen. Compared to the screen of S9 and other S10 variants that curves at its edges, the lower-end S10 will have a simple screen that is flat at its whole surface. While S10 is set to have a hole-punch camera, it will also have thicker bezels resembling those of iPhone XR.

S10E will have a side fingerprint sensor

Another difference is that, rather than having a fingerprint sensor on its back or under the display, Galaxy S10E will have one on its side. This is a rather unusual move, as most phone makers, including Samsung, moved away from side sensors.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to be announced later this month and it is expected to come in four variants: low-end S10E, standard S10, S10 Plus and a 5G version. All except for S10E are expected to feature in-display fingerprint sensors and three rear cameras.

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