Minecraft: Wall Running Accidentally Enabled by the Latest Update

The most recent Java snapshot update “19w04a” has added many new features to the hugely popular Minecraft game, amongst which the most notable is a stone cutter. The brand new update also expands the ways in which stone blocks can be modified. That’s not all, however, as there is one more surprise for all fans of the game – players now have the ability to wall run.

The new ability could be the result of a bug

The discovery of this brand new ability definitely comes as a surprise, as there is no mention of it in the blog post that announced the latest snapshot and listed all new features and changes. This obviously seems to suggest that wallrunning was not an intended addition, but rather the result of a bug. Still, while discussing the new feature, some fans expressed their positive opinions, stating that the ability to run walls should be added to Minecraft for good. JamesBeYeezy, a Reddit user said that wallrunning “would be a cool feature though”.

Wallrunning is likely to be removed soon

Another Reddit user, NatalieZem, provided us with an explanation as to why this feature appeared in the game. She said that “this isn’t a trick or a prank or anything. In the recent snapshot, you can’t jump while pressing against a block. And apparently not being able to raise your elevation also means you can’t lower it either. Try it for yourself: All you need to do is stay sprinting into the wall and you can move along it.”

It looks like the wallrunning will not stay in the Minecraft world for much longer, but still, a huge amount of downloadable mods available for the game can provide us with even more complex abilities of climbing and wallrunning.

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