Android 8 Oreo Update Is Now Rolling Out to Sony TVs in Europe

Sony has just started rolling out the Android 8 Oreo Update to its TVs in Europe. Those who have Sony Android TVs from the second half of 2016, 2017 and 2018 will be able to get the new software.

Android 8 Oreo comes with a redesigned home screen

The newest operating system comes with a redesigned home screen and a couple of other tweaks. The software can be installed either manually via USB or by using the built-in update function. Sony mentioned that the update will be distributed gradually to all TVs in Europe.

The Android 8 Oreo update brings a redesigned home screen, which is supposed to be based on “channels”. This means that from now on, every app will have its own dedicated channel on the home screen. The vertical order of the programs can be changed by the users. Also, users can hide the apps that they don’t want to see.

The latest Android update also introduces some new tweaks and removes some old features.

Early 2016 and 2015 Sony TVs no longer getting updated

So what about the older TVs that Sony has produced? What happens to them? For now, it seems that Sony doesn’t have any plans of introducing the Android Oreo update to its older Android TVs. These TVs are based on a less powerful MediaTek chipset.

The Android 8 Oreo version for TV was first launched in beta back in the spring of 2017. The update was then released to the public later in 2017. This means that it took Sony more than a year to update its Android TVs. If you want to check what kind of model of TV you have, you need to check the letters and numbers after the TV’s screen size indicator.

As far as the latest OS, Android Pie is concerned, we don’t know yet what Sony’s plans are about it.

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