OnePlus 7 News – HDR Streaming Might be Coming

No one believed that OnePlus had what it took in order to compete against the likes of Apple and Samsung when it first arrived on the US market. Luckily, the Chinese based tech giant has proved everyone wrong by always launching high-end devices that offer spectacular hardware performances and sleek designs. Although, the most impressive thing about the smartphones made by OnePlus is the fact that they also ship with affordable prices.

With that said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that OnePlus 7 which is the company’s next-generation flagship smartphone is one of the most highly anticipated devices of 2019. Therefore, the internet is buzzing with rumors about OnePlus 7 and today we are going to present you the most exciting one out of them all.

HDR Streaming

If there’s something that sets OnePlus apart from all other tech companies, then it has to be the fact that OnePlus is always looking to innovate the smartphone industry with new features. Rumor has it that this is exactly what OnePlus is looking to do in 2019 because the Chinese based tech giant might introduce HDR streaming to OnePlus 7.

This rumor started when Carl Pei who is one of the OnePlus co-founders started asking the OnePlus fanbase what they think about HDR streaming. Therefore, the co-founder is teasing that OnePlus 7 might feature HDR streaming which would be the perfect feature for people who enjoy watching tv shows and movies on their smartphones through apps such as Netflix and HBO Go.

Improving Video Streaming

We should note that OnePlus 7 would not be the first smartphone to support HDR streaming on video streaming platforms. Netflix already supports HDR streaming on flagship smartphones from other big tech companies such as Samsung, Google, Sony, Apple, Huawei and LG Electronics.

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