Hay Day Game: How To Boost Up The Game

Hay Day is one of those little addictive games that can represent a break from reality. There is nothing more relaxing than farming, and with Hay Day you can become a farmer from the comfort of your own house. We have a simple guide that should help you get started on Hay Day. Let’s check the tips we have prepared for you.

When should you plant the seeds?

While some seeds grow fasts, others require time to grow. When it comes to slow-growing crops you might want to plant them at night. The next day you will probably go to school or to work. This means that by the time you go home, your crops should be ready to harvest.

Don’t waste your diamonds

You won’t get too many diamonds in the game so you might want to spend them carefully. You can also get diamonds from watching ads, but you only get one. Therefore, make sure that you preserve them and spend them wisely.

Read the paper

You might think that it is not important to read the paper, but that’s not correct. You can find the paper by the road. Simply click it and swipe it to read. You will also find additional offers by reading the paper, so make sure you pay attention to it.

Don’t accept bad offers

You might receive buyers with bad offers. You don’t have to accept them. It is better to wait until a buyer with a generous offer comes along. Buyers will always return and there will be plenty of opportunities.

Grow as much wheat as possible

Wheat is incredibly useful when you want to earn money as fast as possible. With wheat, you will be able to sell plenty of crops and get money.

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