iPhone XI New Leaks with Over The Ear Apple Headphones

The Air Pods are one of the most popular iPhone accessories and they have become somewhat of a trend lately. However, it appears that Apple might be planning to release a more traditional accessory. According to several rumours, Apple is currently working on a new design for headphones.

As it turns out, we might receive some new over-the-ear headphones from Apple really soon. This is something that has been reported by Bloomberg and Ming Chi Kuo from KGI securities. Both sources are very reliable, so we have no reasons to have any doubts.

New features

The new headphones might bring more than just music. According to the reports, it appears that Apple is planning to integrate some features related to health as well. All the details we have so far seem to indicate that these will be more than just regular headphones.

This would make sense, as users already have two options when they want to listen to music: the Air Pods or the Home Pods. In order to make headphones another essential accessory, they need to add something extra as well.

iPhone XI release

In order to make everyone focus on their new product, it appears that Apple might be launching the headphones as the same time as the iPhone XI. It is speculated that these two products might be launched as a bundle which would allow users to get the headphones at a lower price. This would definitely be something that would boost the sales of the upcoming iPhone models, which is one of Apple’s main goals.

We have no other information so far, so we don’t know yet how the headphones will look like, or what kind of design Apple is planning to adopt for the,.

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