Fortnite Mobile – Here’s How to Get Better Overnight

Epic Games released Fortnite for Android and iOS last year and to no one’s surprise, Fortnite Mobile became one of the most popular smartphone games in the world. Fortnite is the world’s first game to be so popular that it’s considered as a cultural phenomenon instead of a hit game. Nonetheless, Fortnite Mobile is a bit trickier to play than on PC or console because players have to rely on their smartphone’s touch screen in order to aim instead of a mouse and keyboard.

The fact that aiming in Fortnite Mobile is difficult means that the players who get the most wins are the ones with great game knowledge. Knowing what to do and what items to pick up is what makes the difference when aiming is not such an important factor. With that said, let’s check out some of the best Fortnite Mobile tips and tricks that will help you get that Victory Royale.

Fortnite Mobile – Tips and Tricks

  • The Controls

As previously mentioned, the difficult part about Fortnite Mobile is getting used to the touchscreen instead of the mouse and keyboard. However, players who spend lots of time studying and practicing the touchscreen controls until they don’t need to look at the screen in order to find them will find get better overnight.

  • Headphones

The most important tip that can give to all Fortnite Mobile players is to use headphones. This way, they will be able to hear everything that is around them and know from which direction enemies are shooting from.

  • Practice Buildings

The skill that makes a Fortnite Mobile player great is the ability to build fast. We advise all Fortnite Mobile players to get into games and make it their top priority to build structures as fast as they can. Make sure to keep in mind that building can be done offensively and defensively!

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