Apple’s New Patent Suggests That Future iPhones and Watches Might Detect Harmful Gases

Based on a new patent that Apple has been recently granted, we can expect future iPhones and Apple Watches to have some built-in sensors that will detect harmful, dangerous gases, such as the most fearful one, CO. The patent was filed “back in 3 2018”, according to Patently Apple, which we can assume it refers to March 2018.

How would such technology work?

Incorporating a physical gas sensor into a device would require a new physical chassis opening, which the tech giant, as well as other companies, would definitely not want to consider as an option. It will really be interesting to see how would the devices still remain waterproof, as gas sensors would need their own hole in every device.

Carbon monoxide or CO is one of the most lethal gases, which is odorless and tasteless, therefore being extremely dangerous. After the company launched the ECG feature on the Apple Watch 4 not long ago, it seems that Apple is planning on extending the health-related features on its products, by installing a gas detector in its devices, such as the Apple Watch, iPhones and maybe even iPads.

How useful would such a feature be?

Given the fact that the Apple Watch and iPhone are usually attached to their users or near them, it is clearly a good idea to add a gas detector in these devices, as it could prove to be extremely useful.

The new patent was shared by Patently Apple and it apparently describes a “miniature gas sensing device encased in an enclosure”. The “enclosure” is illustrated by either an iPhone or an Apple Watch. The small gas sensors would supposedly be integrated inside of the device.

According to the details shared by Patently Apple, the gas sensor would have the capability to detect not only CO, but also other harmful gases, such as methane, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

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