Dragon Age 4 – BioWare Planning to Hire a New Technical Director

Dragon Age Inquisition was a massive hit and BioWare is going to have a difficult time creating another Dragon Age title that is going to be as successful. However, BioWare is not one to give up that easily and it is already expanding its developer team so that it can create a special feature for Dragon Age 4 which is going to make the game way more fun than Dragon Age Inquisition. The feature that we are talking about is multiplayer gameplay.

Dragon Age 4 to Feature Multiplayer

Before we start things off, we need to mention that Dragon Age Inquisition also featured multiplayer. In fact, it is the first game in the Dragon Age franchise to feature multiplayer. However, the multiplayer mode of Dragon Age Inquisition wasn’t optimized that good and players didn’t flock over to it and they stuck with the main story instead.

Nonetheless, BioWare is ready to start investing more revenue in the multiplayer department so that it make Dragon Age 4 the multiplayer game that Dragon Age Inquisition failed to become. BioWare has started listing new job openings for developers who will help improve Dragon Age 4’s multiplayer mode.

BioWare is Looking for a New Technical Director

“The franchise Technical Director is the most senior engineering lead on the game team and a key member of the Dragon Age franchise leadership. Ultimately responsible for ensuring that we delight our players, they build and mentor the engineering team, build and execute the game technology plan, and define and direct the development process. They collaborate with central technology groups and other game teams to coordinate technology strategy and achieve the best results for BioWare and EA,” said BioWare in the job listing.

As we can clearly see, BioWare wants to expand its team in order to create a game that Dragon Age fans are going to love. Let’s hope that the right person for the job turns in their resume to BioWare.

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