Gmail: Three New Editing Features Have Been Added

Some very useful shortcut features have been launched in Gmail by Google, which are meant to help users correct their mistakes and also edit while they are in the compose view.

What are the new Gmail features

Users will now notice a new shortcut for strikethrough text and another one that will allow them to either undo or redo when they are in the compose window. These new features will be added to each end of the formatting menu, which is located at the bottom of the compose window.

The new additions are great news, as Gmail will now have three useful features that can be found in word processors. From now on, users will be able to undo actions if, for example, they accidentally deleted some text. The redo option will also be equally useful. Both features are illustrated by arrows, one of them backward and the other one forward. You will notice them on the left-hand side of the formatting menu.

As far as the strikethrough button is concerned, it can be noticed on the right-hand side of the same menu. This will definitely prove to be extremely practical as well, as it can be used whenever a user wants to emphasize a change in their thoughts or ideas.

Strikethrough option was previously requested by users

As Google has explained in its recent post, the strikethrough feature was heavily requested by users, as they needed it in order to “quickly and efficiently write emails”. The company has also suggested that the new feature can be used either as “an edit suggestion”, or to mark that “something has been completed”.

Starting from now, users will also be able to download messages as .EML files from the web in a much easier way. This can be done from the three-dot menu, by accessing “Download message” at the bottom. These files can later be viewed within other clients, such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail or Outlook.

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