Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Come with a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Some new pictures of Samsung Galaxy S10 that have been recently leaked suggest that the device might come with support for cryptocurrencies. Users would be apparently able to import an already existing wallet in order to transfer current cryptocurrencies, or they could create a new cryptocurrency wallet with the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone could have a cryptocurrency wallet

Based on the images that were leaked by Ben Geskin on Twitter, the “Samsung Blockchain Keystore” is supposed to be a feature that will “secure and manage your blockchain private key”, as well as “a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency”. We also noticed that more cryptocurrencies will be supported by Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, if the leaked pictures prove to be real. However, only Ethereum is listed as a supported cryptocurrency for now.

If Samsung actually decides to integrate a cryptocurrency wallet into its Samsung Galaxy S10 line, then this would definitely spark potential buyers’ interest and could attract many new customers. Not to mention that it could truly raise some awareness amongst those who don’t know so much about cryptocurrency yet. The South Korean company really needs to win over buyers in order to boost their sales, especially after what happened with Samsung Galaxy S9.

What to expect from Galaxy S10?

According to some earlier leaks that we’ve had in December, Galaxy S10 was rumored to come with a wallet app consisting of two parts. The first one would be a cold wallet whose purpose would be to store cryptocurrency and private keys, while the second one would be a hot wallet only used for crypto transactions. It remains to be seen what Samsung’s plans actually are.

The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup will be officially unveiled on the 20th of February, at Samsung’s Unpacked event, which this year takes place in San Francisco. The event will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company’s Galaxy smartphone line.

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