iPhone 11 New Rumors Surface

The next iPhone from Apple will possibly be called iPhone 11, but we will not see it until this fall for sure. 2019 is the year of the greatest phones ever.

The implementation of 5G is just a few months ahead of us, the first phones with foldable displays are no longer just dreams, and there are phones with amazing cameras waiting on store shelves. Some even have five lenses, amazing resolution, and even 48 megapixels.

After reading the previous paragraph you might have gotten excited, but, unfortunately, the next iPhone will feature none of those technologies.

Many smartphone manufacturers are focusing on launching devices that support the fifth generation mobile network, but Apple is not in a hurry. The company will not release any phones that support 5G until 2020. Their attention is centered on bringing OLED displays to its entire lineup, and they do not think that it will come up with a foldable iPhone either. However, Apple might at least improve Face ID’s performance in lower light even though their camera technology will not be extremely changed.

In case you forgot, we are talking about Apple, and nothing can stop this company to achieve their goals. They sold almost 50 million phones in a period of 3 months, from July to September, last year which brought them $37 billion in revenue. The iPhone will never change its title of a premium product which is also sold by a premium brand.

As we are waiting to receive some official information, pundits, analysts, and leaders can’t be stopped from guessing what features will be implemented in the next iPhone or how its design will look like. After Ben Geskin, a prominent leaker made a list with what he wants to see in the next iPhone (4,000-mAh battery,  ProMotion Display,  wireless charging, and triple camera array) many sites went ahead and talked about this as if everything was official.

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