Minecraft: A New Update is Now Available for PS4

A new Minecraft update for PlayStation 4 has just been released by 4J Studios, so we will share with you the patch notes that come with this recent update. Its version number is 1.85.

What does the new update bring to PS4?

As we all already know by now, the last updates for the legacy platforms were released at the end of 2018, so any Minecraft support for them has ceased to exist. At the moment, PlayStation 4 is basically the only active platform that is still getting some support lately.

So what should we expect from the newest update to Minecraft for PS4? Well, the update version 1.85 comes with a variety of bug fixes mostly. There’s one important issue that users had where the game kept crashing whenever other worlds were being loaded, which has now been fixed.

Minecraft Update Version 1.85 for PlayStation 4 – Here are the Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes of the latest Minecraft update for PS4:

  • Fix for a Riptide Trident that was not resetting the players fall counter;
  • Fix for a crash when other worlds were being loaded;
  • Fix for Large Chests which were appearing as two Chests during the Multiplayer regular gameplay;
  • Fix for Missing Recipe: Peony to Pink Dye;
  • Fix for Missing Recipe: Rose Bush to Rose Red Dye;
  • Fix for Missing Recipe: Lapis Block to 9 Lapis Lazuli;
  • Fix for MCCE #8573 – Double Chests can still be opened if they are partially “blocked”;
  • Fix for MCCE #7060 – Water cannot be placed in the End;
  • Fix for Bamboo not replacing Tall Grass and Double Tall Grass;
  • Fix for Potion of Slow falling not having any effect on players while Elytra Gliding;
  • Fix for players not being able to pick up their thrown trident in situations when they die before picking it back up.

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