Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – A Possible New Name for Samsung’s New Smartwatch

It seems more and more likely that the first part of 2019 will bring us a new smartwatch that we all expected to be named Samsung Galaxy Sport. Earlier last week, this device was spotted online in a US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) listing. However, although the new smartwatch will definitely make its debut in the near future, it is expected to be called Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, and not Samsung Galaxy Sport or Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, as it was believed before.

The new smartwatch could be more fitness-oriented

According to a recent rumor, which originated on Twitter, Samsung’s next smartwatch will be called Galaxy Watch Active. Even though we are not sure about the credibility of the source, if this will be indeed the name of the upcoming device, it could suggest that Samsung will introduce a bigger number of fitness-related features. This would mean that the South Korean company has decided to move away from the concept it chose for the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The new smartwatch might be announced during the Galaxy S10 event

When it comes to the features that the next Samsung Galaxy Watch Active could have, nothing is known for sure. However, the name Active suggests that the upcoming device might be equipped with shatterproof display and waterproof design, as it has been the case of similarly named smartphones. This means that Samsung’s new smartwatch is going to be more durable than its predecessor.

It is widely expected that Samsung will provide us with more news about Galaxy Watch Active during the Galaxy S10 launch event, which will take place on February 20. According to recent reports, we might even hear about four new phones and the new smartwatch, so the event in San Francisco will bring us a lot of excitement.

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