Apple Watch Series 5 Might Include Extended Gesture Control

It looks like fans of Apple’s Watch series will have something to look forward to in the future, as a recent patent hints at even more advanced gesture control on the company’s upcoming wearables. Some older products developed by Apple already include such features, so we can expect that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5 will allow us to perform more tasks with simple gestures.

WatchOS 5 already includes some gesture control features

According to a new report by Apple Insider, the proposed modifications will allow us to interact with our Apple Watch through physical movement. Simple movements, such as tilting of a wrist, will force the device to perform the required functions. For example, watchOS 5 includes a feature that allows us to activate Siri the moment we left the arm. The new patent will still rely on this way of activating the software, but as soon as Siri is on, we will be able to perform various other functions with gestures and hand movements.

Changes can be implemented really fast

Once the proposed patent gets necessary approval, Apple will not have any problems with adding improved gesture control features to its existing devices. The required hardware, such as accelerometers and tilt sensors, is already present on Apple’s latest wearables, so it can be used to perform functions described in the patent. However, the company will still have to upgrade its existing software.

Apple’s earlier attempts to use gesture control

Apple has been working on developing its gesture control functions for quite some time. Earlier patents submitted by the tech giant were describing a depth map that makes it possible to give commands with hand gestures from any place in the room, detectors on the band able to sense changes in wrist position, and force-sensing gloves.

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