The Elder Scrolls 6: Will We Witness The Empire’s Downfall?

It shouldn’t take a lot of time until Bethesda will finally release The Elder Scrolls 6, Despite the fact that we do not have a release date yet, we do know that there is one game that needs to be released by the studio before The Elder Scrolls 6 is launched.

We don’t know exactly what the next game will bring, but judging by the previous storylines, we should witness a major fight between the Thalmor and the Empire. More than that, there are many fans who seem to believe that the Empire will finally be destroyed in the Elder Scrolls 6.

How did Skyrim end?

The last Elder Scrolls game was Skyrim. In the end of the game, the condition of the Empire wasn’t the happiest one. Hammerfell wasn’t a part of the Empire, the Stormcloak Rebellion took places, Imperial rule has been overthrown in Valenwood, Elsweyr and the Summerset Isles.

We were able to see that the Empire was in a weak position, and the Aldmeri Dominion appears to be more powerful. It will be interesting to see which events will be chosen as canon. For example, the player had the option to make the Stormcloak Rebellion succeed, but we do not know if the Elder Scrolls 6 will use this version of events.

Time jumps

If we take a look at the previous games, we can see that time jumps aren’t exactly consistent. The events of Daggerfall take place six years after Arena, while the events of Morrowind take place twenty-two years later. Nonetheless, Skyrim had a huge time jump, advancing more than 200 years at once. It will be interesting to see when the Elder Scrolls 6 will take place.

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