Unlock the Google Play Store’s True Potential with these Tips & Tricks

What’s great about the Android operating system is the fact that it offers a plethora of features that Android users get to enjoy. Even though there are other premium mobile operating systems out there, Google’s Android has an edge over them because of the large number of features that it ships with. Although, the best and most useful feature that Android users can access is Google’s own Play Store. Everyone who has ever used an Android powered device knows just how much of a powerful app the Google Play Store is. However, today we are going to show everyone the true potential of Google Play Store by presenting a bunch of top tips and tricks.

Google Play Store

  • How to Access Region Blocked Apps

Is there something more annoying than when Google doesn’t allow you to install region blocked apps or games? Fortunately, this issue can be avoided entirely by deciding to use a VPN service. The cool thing about VPN services is that they are really easy to use on Android smartphones.

  • Disable Auto-Updates for Annoying Apps

Talking about annoying things, don’t you hate it when that one app keeps getting updates every single day? Everyone has “that one” app installed on their smartphones, but what people don’t know is that there is a way to disable it from receiving any new updates. Simply head over to the app’s page in Play Store, access the menu button and then uncheck the “Auto-update” option.

  • App Wishlist

Just like Amazon, the Google Play Store has a feature that lets users select apps and games that they want to check out in the future and place them in a wishlist. This Every app or game can be added to the wishlist by simply tapping on the “bookmark” icon next to the app’s name. The wishlist can then be found in the menu panel.

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