Dragon Age 4: A 2020 Release is the Safest Bet, Here’s Why!

BioWare decided to surprise everyone who attended the 2018 Game Awards show with the announcement trailer for Dragon Age 4. This is one of the most anticipated games in the world and the crowd went crazy when the short announcement teaser for Dragon Age 4 came on screen. The short teaser revealed that Solas is going to make a comeback in the series and that he will have a pivotal role in the game to come.

Dragon Age 4 – Release Date

Even though BioWare managed to get everyone excited during the 2018 Game Awards show, the crowd was disappointed to see that the short teaser doesn’t have a release date. BioWare didn’t want to announce the official launch date for Dragon Age 4. However, we can take a pretty good guess if we pay close attention to all the release dates of previous Dragon Age games.

The latest title in the Dragon Age franchise was Inquisition and the game had to stay three years in the development phase before it was released. Therefore, we believe that Dragon Age 4 is going to arrive somewhere in 2020 since BioWare has started working on the game in 2017.

Is BioWare Waiting for Next-Gen Consoles?

We should note that there is another reason to why Dragon Age 4 is taking so long other than the three year development phase. There is a high chance that BioWare is not rushing to release Dragon Age 4 because it wants to wait for Microsoft and Sony to release their next-gen consoles which are also expected to arrive in early 2020. The next-gen consoles are going to make it possible for BioWare to introduce better graphics to Dragon Age 4 and more fun mechanics since all next-gen consoles will ship with features such as high dynamic range.

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