New Google Play Store APK Update Comes with “Under the Hood” Tweaks

If you’ve ever wondered what is that “special thing” that makes the Android operating system run so smooth, then you should know that it’s the Google Play Store. Even though most Android fans know that the Google Play Store is the place where they can download apps and games from, the Google Play Store is responsible for much more than that. For example, the Google Play Store is also used to help third-party update get automatic updates OTA (over the air). With that said, the Google Play Store is one of the apps that gets the most updates from Google.

Since we are talking about the Google Play Store, we should mention that Google has recently released a brand-new APK that improves the service’s overall performances. The new update comes in the form of APK and it helps the Google Play Store run faster than usual because it comes with a bunch of “under the hood” software updates.

Under the Hood “Software Updates”

The reason why the performance enhancements that this latest update for the Google Play Store brings are called “under the hood” is because Android users are not going to see them, but they are going to feel them since they will boost the speed at which the Google Play Store runs.

New Google Play Store

The latest update for the Google Play Store was released a couple of days ago and it sports the 13.2.19 version number. Since this is an APK update, interested Android users are required to manually download it on their smartphones and to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in order to make their smartphones eligible for it. The “Unknown Sources” option can be found in the Settings panel of all Android powered smartphones and enabling it only requires a single tap on the screen.

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