Android Q Will Feature Dark Mode and Advanced Privacy Options, a Recent Leak Reveals

The most recent version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android Pie has been released by the company not that long ago, and now, thanks to a new leak, we can take a first look at its successor, the next gen Android Q. Although information presented by the leak’s source, XDA Developers, doesn’t provide us with all the details, it still allows us to get a general idea about the direction that Google has chosen for the Android Q.

Dark mode will be further improved

The most significant visual change that we know of right now will be a dark mode. This power-saving feature is already available on Android Pie, but the current version applies only to the app launcher and the notification shade. According to screenshots provided by XDA Developers, the dark mode on Android Q will be extended to the settings menu, as well as to those apps that do not have a built-in version of the dark mode.

Android Q will offer extended privacy settings

Another important area that will be improved by Google with the release of Android Q is privacy. The company already addressed some security issues on earlier versions of its mobile OS, such as problems with the microphone or camera access, as well as issues with background apps.

The next gen Android is set to add a new permission: “Allow only while the app is in use”. Considering the fact that Android Pie gives us only “on” and “off” options for sensitive permissions, adding a more flexible option will definitely improve the general user experience, as some apps require the permission to be switched on.

When it comes to the other additions, XDA Developers suggests that Google might introduce its own desktop or external display mode. There is also a chance that we will get a developer setting, which will give us access to built-in screen recording.

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