Minecraft New Update Available to Download with Composting Features

Since 2009 when Minecraft was released, it kept being continuously updated. Thanks to these updates something new is always added such as creatures, worlds, modding tools, and others. Now Minecraft players can finally compost after ten years of waiting.

You might say that the last major update for Minecraft is great because it added underwater sea life, but what can a dolphin do with your useless plants?  This is where the new composter block comes into the game. This new block was added in the latest PC snapshot update, and it allows you to get the useful bone meal out of old veggies and plants which will make your trees and plants go not only bigger but also faster. That surely is an advantage in Minecraft.

If you want to build this composter all you need to do so is a few pieces of fencing and wood. After that is done, you need to throw in the unwanted food, plants, or seeds that you own. After the layers are done, they will start turning into bone meal. We do not know precisely how that happens so if you find out, let us know.

Many mods were created by fans where they can add the composter blocks they want into the game.

The composing block is not only useful for getting bone meal, but it can also be used as a decoration. The compost blocks look similar to bee hives so if you have ever wanted to own some, you can at least pretend to have them by placing some compost block wherever you want.

If you want to take advantage of this new feature, you will need to activate snapshots in the Minecraft launcher and to play the Java version of Minecraft. Eventually, these compost block will be available for other versions as well.

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