iPad Mini 2019 Release Date Leaks

After Taiwanese component suppliers went over the orders, Apple Inc sent them, and they came to the conclusion that within the first two quarters of this year we will get the Generation V iPad Mini. The vendors we are talking about supply touch solutions for the iPad Mini and they are TPK Holding and General Interface Solutions. There are some other vendors as well, but we can undoubtedly say that the iPad Mini will get a makeover too.

A New 2019 iPad Predicted

Aside from the news regarding the mini version, we know from reports that we will also get a version 2019 iPad. When it comes to more detailed information on how the iPad Mini would look like, we do not have any.

However, the iPad 2019 has been discussed more so what we know is that the display size might be changed to 10 inches. The type of display and the bezels are still being argued over online forums constantly. As Apple does not inform the public unless they are sure about what they want to give, it is still too early to ask for more.

There is some consensus going on regarding the iPad Mini which’s price will be modified as to suit customers with a smaller budget, and in order to do so, the processor and the display will have to suffer a little bit. Many people were also discussing whether the Face ID feature will be introduced or not, but, as it would increase the price, we do not think that will happen.

We know that the questions that come to your mind now are “When will Apple give us more information about the future devices?” and “ When will those devices be released to the public?”. Well, we would link to receive an answer to those questions too.

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