iPhone XI Source Leaks with New Renders

The internet rumor machine is always hard at work but the process intensifies when fresh information is available. The 2019 iPhone is the current hot topic and a new batch of renders was recently leaked. Read below to learn more about the renders and supposed features.

New looks

On this occasion, the renders generously reveal the front and rear of the device. The biggest change took place on the rear where the position of the camera has been dramatically altered. The render anticipates a triple-camera setup placed in the upper-middle zone of the device. The LED flash has been conveniently placed in the middle of the camera and is highlighted by a golden crown. It seems that the microphone has been also included in this array. On the lower side the Apple logo is still visible.

On the sides we can find the classic buttons on the same position. We have the power button on the right and the volume and ringer buttons on the left.

The design of the display has remained mostly the same. The notch appears to be a little smaller and bezels could be somewhat thinner but it is hard to say.

Upcoming features

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 has been recently presented and the new standard will provide a faster connection, better performance and extended battery life.

Advanced Face ID

An improved flood illuminator will allow Face ID to react more quickly and accurately when the function is used. This will allow the sensor to work better even in environments with dim lights.

5G is missing for now

A source has recently noted that Apple discussed 5G with Samsung and MediaTek. Both companies are working on 5G chips at this point and Samsung has announced that a 5G smartphone will become available in 2019.

If Apple and Qualcomm will solve their problems the former may decide to acquire the 5G chips offered by the latter.

Until the model will be announced in September we can only wait and dream.

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