iPhone XI and iPhone X2 Update – What We Know So Far

iPhone XI is one of Apple’s most awaited phones. Although we don’t expect to see it until September 2019, we cannot avoid making speculations about its features and technical specifications. Fans are really curious to find out more about Apple’s new device and their curiosity is ”nourished” by all the rumours around this subject.

First and foremost, we don’t know how the new iPhone will be called, but previous launches showed that the developing company is very keen on sequential numbers. In 2017 they added letters to their phones’ names, so Apple could name their next year’s star iPhone XI, X2 or 11.

New devices require top-notch technology and high-end features

So far, we don’t know much about the iPhone XI, but according to rumours and leaked information, we are expecting a smartphone which brings the latest wonders of technology right at the tip of our finger.

The new handset will come with:

  • A13 chipset;
  • Apple pencil compatibility;
  • Type C USB port;
  • The size of its display is being chosen out of three variants and they still haven’t decided if the screen will be OLED or LCD. Also, developers could give up on the 3D Touch feature;
  • The smartphone will come with a rear camera with a triple lens system and a new flood illuminator which will adapt the light to environmental conditions;
  • Apple might release the handset with a totally new operating system, iOS 13, but we don’t know if it will have 5G connectivity;
  • In addition, Apple could add some Augmented Reality features, because they saw that this is a successful improvement;

This is all the information we have until this point, but since the new device isn’t expected until September 2019, we should learn more very soon.

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