Google Play Store 13.2.19 APK with New Bug Fixes is Now Live

Hands down, the best thing about using an Android powered smartphone is being able to access Google’s latest updates ahead of everyone else. For those who didn’t know, Google always releases its updates in the form of APK so that interested Android users can get their hands on them weeks before the update is finally released OTA (over the air). With that said, Android fans should be happy to know that a brand-new APK update for the Google Play Store has been recently released.

New Google Play Store Update

As previously mentioned, this new update is available in the form of APK. Therefore, the update is not going to be rolled OTA anytime soon and all Android users who are interested in getting the latest software tweaks and bug fixes for the Google Play Store need to get the update manually. We know, having to manually download and install an update is “hard” work, but it will all be worth it because this latest APK update for Google Play Store introduces bug fixes that take care of some serious issues.

New Bug Fixes

First off, the new APK update has been released yesterday (January 17th) and it sports the 13.2.19 version number. The update doesn’t focus on introducing new features and instead it focuses on improving the Google Play Store’s overall user experience. The way that the new APK update does that is through bug fixes that take care of issues that could cause the service to randomly crash.


This is not a major update that is going to bring important changes such as groundbreaking features or visual updates to the UI. However, the update does make the Google Play Store run better than usual and this is why we are advising all Android users who like getting APK updates to make sure to install the new one as well.

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