Pokémon Go: Feebas Limited-Time Research – A new in-game event

A new type of in-game event is about to take place in Pokémon Go, called Limited-Time Research. This event will last for three hours, so the same as the Community Day event that we had not long ago. The difference is that there will be no increased spawn of the select Pokémon, but rather these Pokémon will be available by completing some Field Research tasks.

Fans of Pokémon Go will soon have the chance to participate in a new type of event

The Limited-Time Research event takes place on the 19th of January and we don’t know yet whether there will be another such event in the future or not. Nevertheless, the first event is believed to feature Feebas, which means that once players finish completing their tasks, their reward will be Feebas.

According to Niantic, some shiny models of both Feebas and Milotic are also to be expected in the game during the event. Still, it takes a little bit of time to evolve a shiny Feebas into a shiny Milotic, so fans will probably want to just complete as much research as they can throughout the Limited-Time Research event.

What to expect from this limited-time event?

Based on a post from Pokémon Go leaker Chrales, it seems that the Field Research tasks will be tied to the event. So it looks like Feebas Research will come before every task, which means that it will be easier to distinguish them from other events’ tasks. This is what the post reads:

“new feebas research day quests texts

Feebas Research: Earn 1 Buddy Candy

Feebas Research: Hatch 1 Egg

Feebas Research: Make {0} Great Throws

Feebas Research: Make {0} Nice Throws”

Judging by what we see, these tasks seem pretty ease to complete. We cannot wait to hear what fans will have to say about this Feebas Limited-Time Research event.

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