Top 3 Fortnite Mobile Tips & Tricks – The Secrets to Getting Better

If you love having fun while playing Fortnite Mobile, then you arrived at the right place! We have scoured the internet in search for the best tips and tricks for Fortnite Mobile and we are going to present them today. Therefore, all Fortnite Mobile players who want to get better and maybe see that big “Victory Royale” text appear on their screen should make sure to note down all the tips and tricks that we are going to show today.

How to Get More “Victory Royale” Wins

  • Sound Indicator

One of the downsides of playing Fortnite Mobile is that players can’t always play the game with the sound on because they might be in public. Epic Games knows that too well and it decided to introduce a sound indicator that shows a visual cue on the screen when footsteps are close to the player. This feature needs to be enabled because it makes it so much easier for players to figure out where the enemies are coming from.

  • How to Build Better

Even though building on mobile might not be as easy as on PC, players will get used to it after doing it for a couple of times. However, we advise everyone to never skip the step of reinforcing their stairs with panels because this is one of the biggest mistakes that Fortnite Mobile players can do. Therefore, take your time while building and most importantly, don’t get lazy!

  • How to Aim Better

Aiming in Fortnite Mobile can be quite difficult. Luckily, there is a way to get kills faster than usual and without having to try and aim with the touchscreen ever again. The way that we are talking about is to make it a top priority to loot a shotgun and then get up close and personal with your enemies so that aim accuracy doesn’t matter anymore.

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