The Sims Music Can Now Be Played Through Alexa

We have some good news for all The Sims fans out there, as you can now start listening to your favorite music from the game through your Alexa device.

EA brings a small part of The Sims into fans’ houses

Based on a recent press release from EA, fans of this very popular game now have the chance to use their Alexa device in order to play music from The Sims or to listen to Sims trivia and Sims facts. More than that, you can even use an in-game virtual personal assistant, called Lin-Z, which is very similar to Alexa.

Here’s what to expect from Alexa to play

The music from The Sims that Alexa will play is not restricted only to covers of popular songs in Simlish. You can expect to hear the original game songs, together with seven hours of other music. These seven hours include music from all The Sims games and if you want to listen to music just from one particular Sims game, then you need to say a specific command to Alexa and you will easily get what you asked for.

When it comes to the trivia game, it has three levels of difficulty, so any Sims player can enjoy it no matter how much experience they have playing the game. Beware of the challenge mode, which doesn’t give you multiple choice questions, so be prepared. Something that will probably be quite interesting for every fan is listening to facts about the history and development of the game. Who knows, maybe you will even find out something completely new about The Sims that you didn’t know about before. One thing that you might be surprised to learn is that the developer of Sims, Will Wright, created the game after his home burned in the Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm in 1991, using the tragic event as an inspiration.

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