The New Generation Wi-Fi 6 Protocol – iPhone 2019

During CES 2019 which took place in Las Vegas, one of the technologies unveiled was the new Wi-Fi standard labeled Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax as the trade refers to it. The WI-Fi standard use currently, 802.11ac was released almost six years ago. Also, the first to adopt with technology was Apple before the other followed.

New Generation Wi-Fi Expected to Improve on Many Fronts

During the CES event, there was a long list of features put out which claimed to be areas where the existing Wi-Fi standard will differ from the existing one, including Capacity augmentation, increased data speeds, and improvement in the battery power consumption. All devices will benefit from these new features which means that the tablets, smartphones and even laptops which rely on battery power.

The routers that would run on the new Wi-Fi standard are not available in the market yet, and before it becomes a reality it may be some time. Only later this year the 802.11ax standard may be released for commercial exploitation. This new standard will help in smoothing the smart device’s operation.

What About Apple’s Adoption of 5G?

As Apple got its hands on the new Wi-Fi 6 dor its 2019 trio of iPhones, when will they come out with a 5G phone? Even though 5G is an interesting race, Apple does not rush into getting involved in it. When 4G was launch, Apple was the last one among top phone manufacturers to launch smartphones that support that network. The history might repeat itself when it comes to the 5G network as we can’t see Apple rushing to find out more about it and about the best ways to implement it in their company.

The fact is that 5G support or not, Apple is keen on delivering quality through its phones.

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