Minecraft: Pocket Edition v1.8.0.24 Apk: What Does This New Version Bring?

Minecraft is one of the most iconic video games. The video game managed to attract a large fanbase, and a few years ago a mobile version, Minecraft: Pocked Edition was launched. The game allows players to use their imagination and create their own world.

Blocks are used to build anything in Minecraft. The builder can use them to build all sorts of structures. In Minecraft: Pocket Edition it is also possible to create mines and go hunting. There are many other features that you can experience while playing.

Minecraft Pocket Edition features

The game has many unique features which make it so special. For example, one of its best parts is that an internet connection is not required at all times, and you can play the game while you are offline as well. This means that it possible to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition at all times, wherever you are.

More than that, the game isn’t restrictive and it allows you to test your creativity. You get as many blocks as you want and you can use them to create everything you can imagine. It is even possible to build more unusual things such as pets.

It is also possible to engage with all your friends by accessing the multiplayer mode. The game is even more exciting when you get to play with others.

What is new in the latest version?

V1.8.0.24 brought several new additions. This is the Aquatic Update so you can expect new items related to this theme. For example, there are now turtles and baby turtles. The turtle shell is also available in the game. Nonetheless, new enemies have also arrived. With this update you can get new underwater powers if you collect the nautilus shells. There are also bubble columns which can move you around.

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