Apple Wanted to a Release a 5G iPhone

Some argued that Apple would have wanted to launch an iPhone with 5G capabilities in 2019. While the information looked improbable at first it seems that Apple had contacted Samsung and MediaTek in order to learn more about the 5G modules developed by the two companies.

Samsung has announced a 5G smartphone in December but it seemed that Apple wasn’t impressed by the promises of 5G. In most cases Apple waited until new technology was improved and opted to include the best version of it in its devices. This line of thought has led to many arguments since some people claim that Apple prefers to use outdated technology in order to boost its profit margin.

The only manufacturer that showcased a processor that is compatible with the standard is Qualcomm. The Snapdragon 855 SoC was deemed to be the first processor in the world that is compatible with the bleeding-edge speed of 5G.

The information has been obtained from a hearing that took place in dispute between Qualcomm and Apple. Qualcomm has sued Apple in China for the unlawful usage of certain IPs but it seems that the former is not as spotless as it likes to look like.

The companies are currently involved in an antitrust lawsuit that is being condoned by the Federal Trade Commission. Qualcomm is charged with offering $1 billion in incentives to Apple. In exchange, the Cupertino giant may have agreed to use Qualcomm as the prime and sole chip provider for its products.

Qualcomm defended itself by claiming that Apple did not provide any binding documents that would grant Qualcomm exclusivity, even for a limited period of time. The company took a large risk by offering the incentive since Apple could have shifted to another manufacturer at any time.

An Apple representative has declared that the company has up to six providers for each individual part used in an iPhone and the antitrust legislation was not breached by the deal.

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