Redmi Note 7 -Xiaomi’s Focus on High-End Smartphones is Proving Successful

Chinese companies have historically had a tough time entering the US market, but not Xiaomi. While others have struggled to compete against the likes of Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi has managed to “steal” some of the spotlight from them. In fact, the company’s latest smartphone is called Redmi Note 7 and Xiaomi is saying that the aim for it is to sell more than one million units in the first month when it gets launched.

Xiaomi Has Big Plans for Redmi Note 7

Wang Teng Thomas is a product director Xiaomi and he decided to take to Weibo (Chinese version of Reddit) and let everyone that Xiaomi has big plans for Redmi Note 7. The product director said that Redmi Note 7 is going to sell more than one million units in the first month when it gets launched.

From the looks of it, Wang Teng Thomas was not far away from the truth since Redmi Note 7 was released in a flash sale in China on Tuesday and all the units offered by Xiaomi sold in a couple of minutes. This shows us that Xiaomi is slowly but surely becoming one of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers and that Samsung and Apple finally have something to fear.

Xiaomi is Focusing on High-End Devices

At first, Xiaomi managed to make its name in the smartphone industry by releasing affordable smartphones that deliver reliable performances. Well, it seems like Xiaomi is ready to switch its focus and start creating more high-end devices that can compete against iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 9. The reason why we are saying this is because Wang Teng Thomas also said in a different Weibo post that Xiaomi is planning to keep releasing high-end devices similar to Redmi Note 7 during the upcoming years.

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