Three Models of iPhone 11 Will Be Released This Year, Including One with Triple Camera

Although Apple does not participate in the CES, rumors surrounding its devices usually dominate the largest consumer electronics show in the world. This year’s edition brought us a render of the upcoming iPhone 11, with three rear cameras and a flash located inside a big bump. Now we have even more information about the next iPhone, as a recent report mentioned that Apple will release three models of its highly anticipated device.

Apple will release a successor to iPhone XR

In their report, The Wall Street Journal stated that this autumn will bring us three different versions of the next gen iPhone 11. This will include a successor of the iPhone XR, which has been struggling ever since it was launched. According to the report, Apple decided to release a second XR generation regardless of the problems of its predecessor, as the company’s plans cannot be changed so easily. Apple hopes that the new iPhone with an LCD screen will record better sales.

Plans for 2019 cannot be changed

Considering the fact that Apple has been planning its 2019 lineup for a long time, any “major features cannot be changed easily” at this point. However, some minor modifications can still take place. When it comes to Apple’s plans for 2020, they are at a much earlier stage, so the company has enough time to revise them.

iPhone 11 Max will have three cameras on the back

Other than the next iPhone XR, Apple will release two phones with OLED displays. The larger of the two, iPhone 11 Max is expected to feature a triple rear camera. The smaller 5.8-inch model, as well as the successor of the XR, will have a dual camera on the back. For more iPhone 11-related news we will have to wait a little bit longer.

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