Trio of iPhones in 2019 – What Should We Expect?

Three Models and New Camera Setup Predicted

According to WSJ, the history repeats itself as Apple, just like in 2018, three models will be released by Apple in 2019. One of them would be a successor to the iPhone XS Max equipped with a triple camera set up in the rear which does not look as aesthetic as we hoped. The other models will be limited to just 2 cameras in the rear.

The successor of the iPhone XS Max will have an OLED panel while the XR model keeps its LCD one. However, other rumors suggest that all three models will sport an OLED display.

Status of These Designs Revealed

WSJ claims that these will be the new designs for the trio of iPhone of 2019 as they have already passed engineering validation tests. What we are not strictly sure about is the function of the third camera. As other brands introduced a wide-angle one, so might do Apple.

A Lot at Stake for Apple

Many analysts suggest that at the moment Apple is at a kind of crossroad. For almost a decade now the iPhones were considered the most significant selling in its product portfolio, but it looks like this tradition changes due to the major difference in prices. Even though iPhone are popular, Apple did not sell as many new models as it expected and the sales do not fulfill its goals. 2019 might be another year during which iPhones will not be in such high demand as they used to be. You can play with the features and the design of a device until a certain limit, same with the price.

As 2019 has almost two weeks since it began, more rumors and news are expected in the next day so do not get anchored to what you hear.

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