Fortnite Patch v7.20 Will Be Released in a Few Days

Based on various sources, it seems that Zak Phelps, Executive Producer of Fortnite’s Creative Mode at Epic Games has recently confirmed that the v7.20 update of Fortnite will be released on either 15th or 16th of January, so just a few days from now.

New patch v7.20 expected soon

The date that we have for the release of the patch doesn’t coincide with the date that was expected until now. However, we didn’t have an official confirmation from Epic Games so far. Zak Phelps apparently confirmed the date to Faze Cizzors, who is the creator of the extremely popular Death Run maps in the Creative Mode of Fortnite.

What will we see in the v7.20 update of Fortnite?

At the moment, we don’t know exactly what the v7.20 patch will bring. Over the last couple of days, Epic Games has made some announcements regarding several fixes and quality of life improvements, but this is all we know for now.

What do fans expect to see?

We know that several players are hoping that the Drift Board that was previously teased will be added to this new update. However, Epic Games did not confirm whether this will happen or not. We also expect to see various new cosmetic items, as well as a few bug fixes, just as usual.

Fortnite’s current v7.10 patch has seen a lot of small changes, but the upcoming v7.20 will most probably be the biggest update that we’ve had of Season 7. After all, Sean Hamilton, who is a community coordinator for Epic Games, has made a few promises regarding major changes. Therefore, we believe that the new update will bring some important and much needed changes. We will probably have some more details about the upcoming patch quite soon.

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